Ella Polo


Marie-Helene Polo
Marie-Helene Polo is of French origins and after practicing as a lawyer for many years, she decided to change her life by dedicating herself to the creation of contemporary jewels. She moved to Sardinia where she founded the brand “ellapolo” in 2011. “Ella” is the artist’s nickname and the feminine personal pronoun, referring to the femininity and identity. 
The creative idea aims to make original and sophisticated jewels capable to stand out for their strong and expressive impact as well as their decorative features. The design is freehand-drew, giving the pieces a handcrafted touch, far from traditional jewelry and its classic interpretation and from mass production.
The research on shapes, inspired by floral and abstract patterns, gives her artworks soft and stylized outlines, shining on the body through a play of light and movements. The innovative design enables her pieces to be extremely versatile, combining simplicity with refinement and modernity with elegance. 
Not proper jewels, but harmonious ornaments with a matt, velvety surface an elegant and spontaneous allure. Metal sparkles are enriched by yellow, pink and black plating that create a range of glares and shades, lightly softening on the body. Small details in horn, ebony and semiprecious stones embellish the metal. 
Ellapolo jewels are strongly connected to educated, modern, self-confident, unconventional women who are aware of wearing a one-of-a-kind piece.  
Jewelry production is entirely Made in Italy. It is based in Arezzo, an area famous for its artisan mastery handed down from one generation to another.